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01 Sep 2022

CSS 15th Anniversary Special Feature – Composer of the Month for Sep 2022: Bertram WEE

Since 2020, the Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) has been releasing a monthly series for our Musings section, Composer of the Month! The CSS Composer of the Month for September 2022 is Bertram WEE! He is a Singaporean composer and pianist, and as a special feature of CSS’s 15th Anniversary, the interview shall be presented in the unique format of a Whatsapp ‘livestream’, interviewed by POW Jun Kai 

Bertram WEE 

Bertram WEE is a composer and pianist. His music is largely concerned with the physicality of performance and its related conceits. He favours overtly physical, sonically palpable experiences: by extension, he often tries to bring the relationship between corporeal action and sound-making to the fore. His work in the last few years encourages spontaneity, excess and risk-taking in performance, the goal being the carnal, sensual experience of sound itself. Bertram has had work performed and/or have performed at events such as the bbc proms (london), ultraschall berlin, darmstädter ferienkurse, musik 21 (hannover), inTRANSIT festival (london), bloomsbury festival (london), london ear festival, sounds like THIS (leeds), asian composers league festival and conference, wmc kerkrade, thailand new music and arts symposium, thailand international composers festival and the singapore international festival of arts.

POW Jun Kai 

POW Jun Kai is a researcher and producer. He majored in Music at the University of Birmingham and completed a MA and PhD in Musicology at King’s College London. He was Research Fellow at NLB, NHB and IIAS and is currently adjunct lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts. He is published in South East Asia Research, Transgender Studies Quarterly and Chinese Literature and Thought Today. He recently produced the “Homesongs Project” as well as “Composing Monumentality” for the Composers Society of Singapore.