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04 Sep 2021

Calling all Commonwealth Composers | The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons

The Composers Society of Singapore has received the following call from The Commonwealth Resounds:

Calling all Commonwealth Composers! Could you compose a Commonwealth Song?

Deadline: 2 Nov 2021 (Th), 11:59 PM (UK GMT)

We are delighted to invite composers from around the Commonwealth to write and send us songs based upon special lyrics written for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons.

Important Information for Composers:

  • Any composer who is resident in one of the 54 Commonwealth countries may enter for this competition.
  • Composers may be amateur or professional. There are no age limits. All entries will be gratefully received and acknowledged.
  • Composers may choose ANY ONE of these three sets of lyrics to use for composing their song:

Lucy Kiely – ‘A Life Lived with Grace’

Meenakshi Gautam Chaturvedi – ‘A Light in our Hearts’

Rodrica Rudge – ‘Majesty’

  • No other lyrics will be accepted
  • We shall only be able to accept ONE SONG per applicant. If composers wish to update/revise their song after submitting it, they need to send an email and discuss it with us before doing so.
  • Each song will be carefully considered and judged on its own merit as a piece of individual creative work and its suitability for the occasion.
  • Adjudicators will give equal consideration to everyone’s work – including songs produced without the use of expensive technology or professional backup.
  • When writing your song, remember it needs to be suitable for SMALL CHOIRS of about 6 people as well as LARGE CHOIRS of 100 voices or more.
  • The choirs may include participants of ANY AGE (children to adults). The song should be easy for them to learn and sing.
  • Singers involved may be of any standard, PROFESSIONAL or AMATEUR.
  • Many choirs will be singing the song out of doors, so the words must be clearly audible.
  • We shall need the song to have a very strong melodic line, so that it can be performed easily without accompaniment by some choirs (for example, those including very young children).
  • Your song may be submitted with or without harmony

Songs may be submitted in ANY the following formats:

  • A notated score (ideally with an audio recording)
  • A graphic score with an audio recording
  • A written description of your song with an audio recording
  • An audio recording of the song.

If you have composed a song and do not know how to send it to us, please email commonwealthsong@commonwealthresounds.com and we will help you!