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Cao Ying

Cao Ying graduated from the Composition Department of the National Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, majoring in composition, minor in piano, bachelor's degree in composition theory and excellent master's degree in composition theory. She was admitted to Moscow State Normal University to study for phD in music education, and studied under the guidance of Professor Gennadiy liashenko, Ukrainian national artist, Igor Shenrbako, president of the National Composers Association, Tatiana smirnov, Russian national artist, etc. Member of China Western Music Society, member of New Cappie Composers Association. In 2014, she worked as an intern at Moscow Music Middle School. She taught of courses "Harmony Acoustics", "Analysis of Music Forms and Works", "History of Foreign Music", "Music Comprehensive Practice Course", " Music Theory Level 1-8", "Piano Performance", the main works of symphony works "think", symphony suite "Elf Valley", "Clarinet Sonata" etc. She is involved in scientific research projects, "Thoughts on the Innovation and Development of Western Music Teaching in Chinese Universities", "Innovative Features of Mei Xian Turungala Symphony", "Comparison and Research on the Teaching of Western Music History between China and Russia", "Integration and Integration of Music Comprehensive Practice Course and Social Culture", "Innovative Project of Choir College Students' Art Practice Platform", etc. Her honors include “2019 Vienna Art Festival Solo and Chamber Music” Guangzhou Division Excellent Instructor 、 “ 2018 2nd Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music International Competition” Excellent Instructor ,2018 "Xingyao Cup" Excellent Instructor, “20 th Santa Cella International Piano Competition” Excellent Instructor, 2017 National Quality Education Advanced Worker ,“2017 Fifth National Quality Education “The first prize of educational achievement, the excellent instructor of Singapore International Youth Piano Competition in 2017, won the National Drama Culture Award in 2014, won the third place in American Golden Key Composition Competition in 2012, and participated in the 21st Kiev Music Festival in 2010. She participated in the 22nd Kiev Music Festival and "Music Gifts" in Kiev. 2015 International Tchaikovsky Music Competition Exchange Activities.

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