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22 Dec 2020

Call for Works: Music For Caring (JP)

The Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) has been informed of a call for proposals that can interest composers and sound artists. This message is from the organisers of I Hear You, I See You: Music for Caring (curated by Angely CHI, HOH Chung Shih (CSS President), Motohide TAGUCHI, and Noi NARCISO):

CALL FOR MAKERS and LISTENERS around the world!

Let’s make Music for Caring!

Join us by making your own graphic score or performance video.

Unlike traditional music scores that use five-lined musical staves and notes, graphic scores use visual representation such as shapes, colors, lines, symbols, and texts to indicate musical movements, or when musical instrumentation can be played. Graphic scores can be interpreted freely.

Individual and group submissions are welcome. Your work will be uploaded on our website and related social media pages. Your notation can be performed by yourself and other participants who will take interest in your work.


Submit a graphic score that other participants can interpret. (Link below)


Do you find an interesting graphic score you want to perform on the “Works” page of this website? Or do you want to perform your own graphic score? Try to make your 1 to 10-minute performance video (in MP4 format) of the score you chose from our website or your own score and send us the video through the link above. You can use any kind of instrument, voice, or other found objects which can make sounds. It can be a solo performance or a group performance. Please include a short clip at the end of your performance video to encourage others to submit their performance videos interpreting a graphic score. (Link below)


Let’s enjoy making and playing graphic scores together! Our free workshops are for everyone, regardless of their artistic and musical backgrounds.

The curatorial team as workshop facilitators will guide you through the group creation of graphic scores and playing them together with the other workshop participants. We only have two scheduled workshops on 23 and 26 Dec 2020 with limited slots of 15 participants each. Join and have fun with us by filling the online registration form. (Link below)