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15 Dec 2020

Call for Submissions: soundpedro 2021 (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Deadline: 18 Feb 2021 (Th)
Notification of Acceptance: 11 Mar 2021 (Th)

soundpedro 2021 will start on 5 Jun 2020 (Sa). A sound art group, FLOOD, is seeking ear-oriented art: on-site works to be placed throughout the Angels Gate Cultural Center (indoor, outdoor), and virtual off-site renditions.

Work must address sound and aural perception; the option of aurality/hearing in combination with other senses is welcome.

You are encouraged to explore or incorporate acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, audio technologies, listening actions, performance actions, spatialization, conceptualization, timbralization, hearing anatomies, found sound, environmental sound, and AI.

It is important that artists understand that soundpedro is a sound art event and not a music event. Work that is characterized solely by the elements and hierarchical use of pitch, melody, rhythm, tempo or meter will not be considered. Work may examine the interface with which music and sound art overlap or juxtapose musical content with sound to help further express the differences relative to aesthetics and ways of listening.


  1. On-site only (If the on-site event does not take place and your proposal has been accepted, you will have an artist page on the soundpedro2021 website featuring your proposal.)
  2. On-site but can be adapted for the virtual event, if an on-site event does not take place.
  3. Virtual only

For more information and submission, please visit soundpedro’s website (link below).