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17 Sep 2020

Call for Sound Poetry: Unsightly

There is an interesting call for sound poetry going on now by soundpedro. Sound artists and composers, please read on:

Call for Sound Poetry: Unsightly

If stuff like non-ideational text, transmogrified by way of asemic recitation; sonic code transcendence; or setting ineffability to lyrics is your thing, then submit an original sound poem or a recitation via ArtzSuze (see link below).
(Sound Poetry is the absolute musicalization or sonification of the linguistic into non-verbal orality. Meaning is meaningful, experiential, auto-compositional but not lexical.)

In honor of Hugo Ball (died 14 Sep 1927), creator of “Karwane,” (Cabaret Voltaire, 1916), FLOOD seeks RECITATION OF AN ORIGINAL SOUND POEM OR OF ANOTHER’S WORK.

DEADLINE: 17 Oct 2020 (Sa) in recognition of Zang Tumb Tuuum: Adrianopoli ottobre 1912: Parole in libertà (Zang Tumb Tuuum: Adrianople October 1912; Words-in-Freedom) an evocation of the sounds of mechanized war.

We are looking for Sound Poems up to 60 seconds in length.

Artist notification of acceptance: 26 Oct 2020 (M)
Roll-out: 3 Nov 2020 (Sa) (Election Day & Godzilla’s birthday!)

“Times inhabited by social and political turmoil can spark vivacious moments of togetherness and creativity, as demonstrated through the founding of Zürich’s Cabaret Voltaire in 1916.” (Colby Mugrabi)

Submission Guidelines:
You may submit up to 2 poems.
Complete the submission form (link below), and upload corresponding media files:
1) Recitation of the poem (required) in audio mp3 or wav file format.
2) Plus one photographic image of the poem transcription (required). It can be typed or hand written.
3) And one image of artist in costume (optional).
Image format jpg or png, at least 1920 pixels wide. (mobile phone photos OK)

Reference/examples and inspiration:
Sound Poetry on Wikipedia
Video intepretation of Hugo Ball’s Karawane. Excerpt from 100 Years Dada, Rechte bei Arte, Johannes Gees.
17 recordings of Karawane by Hugo Ball read by LibriVox volunteers.
Marie Osmond – yep, that one – recites Karawane.

We process all submissions via ArtsuZe.com. If you have not submitted to a soundpedro event before, you will need to create an ArtsuZe user account (link below) to complete the submission process.