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10 Nov 2020

Call for Scores: The 11th JFC Composers Award

The Composers Society of Singapore (CSS) has received a call for scores from the Japan Federation of Composers Inc. (JFC). Here is their message:

Co-creation with performers

The 11th JFC Composers Award calls for the chamber music composed for specific instrument players/ performers. We will provide the instruments playing art and method guidance to the Entrants. And we will accept the provisional score submission ahead to that of the final version. After the provisional submission, we will provide the occasion where the Entrants could ask the questions to instrument players/ performer.

Normally, on the composition competition regulation, addition and correction on the scores are not accepted.

But in the actual stage, composers and performers would co-work to make the best performance till the last minute. So we will admit addition and correction on the score with condition that the Jury would assist the repetitions/ rehearsals. And all the process would be subject to screen[time].

This type of composer award might have never been held before. But ability to cope with them could be supposed to be one the composers’ quality.
So we dare to raise the questions “This is what composer award should be”.

Deadline: 23 Dec 2021 (W) 2359 JST
Application fee: JPY10,000

For more details about this composition competition, please read their brief (link below).