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26 Aug 2020

Call for Proposals: “Resonates With” at NGS

The Composers Society of Singapore (“CSS”) is hosting a call for proposals for Resonates With, a series of performances of music by living Singaporean or Singapore-based composers, held at the National Gallery Singapore (NGS).

Resonate With is a monthly programme that engages young and professional musicians to respond to themes of the permanent and special exhibitions of the National Gallery Singapore. Held on the last Saturday of each month at the Padang Atrium, it aims to bring the collection and the various Gallery exhibitions to life through music.

Working in tandem with local music institutions and music groups in the region, Resonates With offers the space for young and talented musicians to perform a range of classical to contemporary repertoire, as well as the development and presentation of original music compositions.

Should you be interested in submitting a work, do drop us an email at ngs[at]cssingapore[dot]org by 2 Sep 2020 (W), and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure form (NDA) before we can release information on the works. Please note that this step is required before you can submit your proposal.

Important Details

  • We are curating programs for two events as below:
    • Exhibitions: Small Big Dreamers 2020 (26 Dec 2020 (Sa)) and Georgette Chen (30 Jan 2021 (W)).
    • More information about the two works can be found after you have emailed us your interest and signed our NDA.
    • Each program will be performed three times on the performance day.
  • Composers can choose to submit proposal(s) for either exhibitions or both.
  • Selected proposals will receive a token honorarium to aid in production/musician/composer etc. costs.
  • You may propose programs that last approximately 30 min in length, and each program must include at least one work by a living Singaporean or Singapore-based composer.
  • You may also propose programmes that are less than 30 mins, and the organising committee will combine proposals if needed.
  • Backup plans in case the Gallery is closed to the public:
    • Should we all be able to physically enter the Gallery, the event will take place at the roof garden and will be live-streamed. If so, there only needs to be performed once. 
    • Should we not be able to physically enter the Gallery, the team should perform and live-stream the program from their homes/studios. The Gallery will make the necessary arrangements to host this on one of their social media platforms.
  • Applications will be accepted from any composer, performer or creative collaborator, as long as at least one person on the project team is a CSS Full Member, Student Member or Associate Member

Please submit:

  • A proposal (max. 1 page) should include:
    • How the program relates to your selected theme/artwork 
    • The approximate duration of your proposed program
      • Each program should be approximately 30 min in length
    • The composers, works and performers for the program
      • Each program must include at least one work by a living Singaporean or Singapore-based composer
    • Links to audio samples (if any)
  • Supplementary materials
    • 50-word biographies for each program personnel (or each ensemble)
    • High resolution headshots for each program personnel (or ensemble photograph)

Submit your proposal and supplementary materials in PDF format to ngs[at]cssingapore[dot]org by 25 Sep 2020 (F) 2359 HRS (GMT +8).

Your email subject should be “NGSxCSS Small Big Dreamers 2020” or “NGSxCSS Georgette Chen” based on which event you are submitting for.

You may submit multiple proposals, but only one proposal per email.