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18 Jul 2020

Call for Participation: Radical dB Festival (Zaragoza, ES)


The Radical dB Festival announces the 7th international competition of experimental music performance that will take place in Zaragoza, Spain on 29-30 Oct 2020 (Th-F).

The jury will award an artist by online video documentation only. The winning artist will be invited to perform LIVE during the festival for a EUR400 artist fees and max. EUR200 travel expense.

There are 2 categories:

A) International artists and
B) Aragon-Etopía prize (only for those born in Aragon, Spain).

Prize per category: EUR400

Submission deadline : 31 Jul 2020 (F)

The purposes of the competition are:

  • To encourage emulation and exchange between international artists, local artists, and renowned personality of the jury working in different fields of sound art performance (improvisation, live coding, circuit bending, electroacoustic performance etc…)
  • To encourage innovation and experimentation in the field of sonic performance in relation with technology (digital or analogue, hi- or low-fi)



  • The competition is open to any artist/ensemble working in the field of live performance with priority to sound (the performance may include video or any kind of media if needed).


  • The jury will be composed by internationally acclaimed artists and /or festival organizers. The decision shall be final.
  • Awarded artist will present a concert of max. 30 min.
  • Each participant must apply on the submission form (link below).
  • Each participant must submit a video documentation of a live performance (public or private) of at least 15 min.
  • The competition will provide a stereo PA system and will not accept multichannel project. Ensembles shall provide their own mixing system in order to send a stereo signal to the main control.
  • The festival will provide lodging accommodation and dinner for the whole duration of the festival and will support travel costs for max EUR200.


  • The winning artists in each category will receive EUR400 (before taxes, and to be shared in case of an ensemble)
  • Interviews and radio broadcasting on local and/or national radios.

The competition will take place at Etopia Center for Art and Tecnology, Zaragoza, Spain on 29-30 Oct 2020 (Th-F) for Premio Etopía and international artists prize.

Awarded artists will be directly contacted by mail then publicly announced on Radical dB website and social networks from early Sep 2020.

Concerts might be video recorded for promotional purpose. Excerpts of videos and audios of concerts might be streamed on internet or programmed on radio show. By applying to the contest the finalists accept the use of the video for documentation and promotional purpose.

Submitting for the competition implies the acceptance of all the rules. Any questions regarding these regulations and their interpretation shall be clarified by Radical dB team.